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In this section we hope that members will communicate any photographic news that they think others could benefit from. This could be news of forthcoming exhibitions, presentations or courses; photographic items for sale; recommended items of photographic gear; recent photographic experiences; camera techniques; processing hints; new photographic software. Anyone wishing to place an item in this section, simply e-mail the text and any images (optional) to me (
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Resizing Images

Using image editor software to change the size and or resolution of your images.
Some members have asked how you resize images for projection or for the web this is how to resize your images.

Open an image in your image editor:-

In the top bar click on image > select resize. Do not select canvas resize this only affects the overall size of the background not the image.

In the drop down box in resolution type 72ppi (pixels per inch Photoshop)

For projected images
In pixel size type in the width 1024 height 768.

For this website
In pixel width size type 650 (landscape) or 450 (portrait)

In resampling select Bicubic (best for smoother gradients) or Bicubic sharper (best for size reduction)

Then click OK and then save as a jpeg (I use maximum file size, minimum compression to maintain image quality).

Note:- webpages i.e. monitors and projectors
use images in colour space sRGB, if you use Adobe RGB then please convert them to sRGB.

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