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In this section we hope that members will communicate any photographic news that they think others could benefit from. This could be news of forthcoming exhibitions, presentations or courses; photographic items for sale; recommended items of photographic gear; recent photographic experiences; camera techniques; processing hints; new photographic software. Anyone wishing to place an item in this section, simply e-mail the text and any images (optional) to me (
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Instant JPEGs from RAW

Another free utility that allows you to convert individual or batches of images from RAW format to high quality jpegs.
Heres an application you might find useful if you shoot RAW format images. In every RAW file there's a jpeg waiting to get out, if you are sorting out your files and want to see what it is then use this little piece of software to open it as a jpeg.
Its called Instant Jpeg from RAW or IJFR go to the following link to register for the free licence. The URL of the site for the installation file will be sent to your e-mail address and it only takes a few seconds to download. Once installed you just right click on a file and select Instant Jpeg from Raw and it will make a folder with the jpeg file in it but only at 800ppi, any others opened will pop into this folder. I used it recently to recover files after rebuilding my PC, I checked which files to import into my raw convertor also clearing out a lot of tat.
As for recovering files we all could use a recovery application for files accidentally deleted, I have used one of these to recover files accidentally deleted from a SD card but it recovers ALL the files on the card even if its been formatted. I lost 10 files and it recovered 57 as a recovered file and no thumbnails so which files do I want the first 10? using Instant JPEGs from RAW software you are able to see which ones you want and then save the originals to a separate file and delete the rest.
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