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In this section we hope that members will communicate any photographic news that they think others could benefit from. This could be news of forthcoming exhibitions, presentations or courses; photographic items for sale; recommended items of photographic gear; recent photographic experiences; camera techniques; processing hints; new photographic software. Anyone wishing to place an item in this section, simply e-mail the text and any images (optional) to me (
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GPS Website Images

These are the instructions for preparing your images for publishing on the Society website.
Members images will be presented as individual 'galleries' accessed on the website from the Members Galleries section. Because we have a limit on the number of images we can upload to the ClikPic server we have put a initial upper limit of six images per member - this may change once we know how many images have been submitted. ClikPic recommends that images are processed before uploading to maintain the quality. If the images are too large ClikPic will automatically process these by reducing the quality (increases the compression). More information on image processing can be found in this ClikPic Guide B1 PREPARING YOUR OWN IMAGES - Images_for_Website
Format: All images must be in standard jpeg format (image.jpg).
Image Size:] Ideally images should be in landscape format with a maximum width of 650 pixels. If portrait format has to be used re-size the image to a maximum height of 500 pixels to avoid the need to scroll down to see the bottom of the image. All images should have a resolution of 72 ppi (pixels per inch).
File Size: Image jpeg files should not be more than 400k (beyond this size ClikPic will compress the image to below this size). If you need to compress the image use 80% compression (good quality).
Filenames: In some galleries the image names will be shown so it is important to title your images before sending them to me - note the filename is fixed as the image title at the point of me uploading it to the ClikPic server - I cannot rename them after they have been uploaded. Rules for filenames - No spaces or punctuation. Where you need spaces use _ (underscore), so for example if you want a title such as Foulshaw Ospreys 2014 name the file Foulshaw_Ospreys_2014.
Permission - Important: To avoid any problems over the Data Protection Act can members sending me images please state that you agree to these images being published with your name on the website.