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In this section we hope that members will communicate any photographic news that they think others could benefit from. This could be news of forthcoming exhibitions, presentations or courses; photographic items for sale; recommended items of photographic gear; recent photographic experiences; camera techniques; processing hints; new photographic software. Anyone wishing to place an item in this section, simply e-mail the text and any images (optional) to me (
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Adobe Lightroom tutorials

In the first presentation of the new season Peter Kennedy gave a good introduction to the capabilities of Adobe Lightroom, a cheaper but very capable alternative to Adobe Photoshop.
For any members who would like further information and tuition on the use of Lightroom I have created a CD of the 30 Lightroom video tutorials which were published in the last few issues of Digital Camera magazine. Anyone who would like to borrow the CD please e-mail me or let me know during one of the GPS meetings. In my opinion Digital Camera is one of the best photographic magazines available with a good format, an excellent range of topics backed up with video tutorials and just the right balance of advertisements.Go to the Digital Camera website for further information. Note that Digital Camera is the European (UK) version of the magazine - Digital Camera World is the North American variant

Ron Croy