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In this section we hope that members will communicate any photographic news that they think others could benefit from. This could be news of forthcoming exhibitions, presentations or courses; photographic items for sale; recommended items of photographic gear; recent photographic experiences; camera techniques; processing hints; new photographic software. Anyone wishing to place an item in this section, simply e-mail the text and any images (optional) to me (
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PhotoZY Digital Locker.
PhotoZY provides you with a free 'digital locker' filled with photography tutorials, E-guides, training videos, actions, presets, textures, software, hints & tips, checklists and a lot more. Current selection of topics includes:
  • extension tubes - macro for less

  • shooting great portraits

  • how to retouch skin in lightroom

  • DSLR camera basics

  • in-camera special effects

  • how to photograph fireworks

  • RAW versus JPEG

  • how to stitch a panoramic image using lightroom & photoshop

  • color correction and white balance

  • how to photograph waterfalls

  • understanding shooting modes

  • street photography