Programme 2021-22

We had an exciting programme ready to run in 2020 however the Management Committee decided in view of the continuing situation with Covid 19 pandemic that we should postpone our 2020-21 programme to Autumn 2021 (the new 2021-22 season). Most of our invited speakers have agreed to this change. The Committee will continue to review the situation and we will post notifications as required. The Management Committee is due to meet again on November 23rd, to review the programme for January to March, so we will contact you again after that meeting. If the Society can meet again in October the 'proposed' programme is shown below. In the meantime we would like to hold a few Zoom (online) meetings with members as speakers - we already have three volunteers lined up. Please let us know if you would like to give a presentation. We would be very pleased to receive any offers of short talks to be held by Zoom from members. If you are not familiar with Zoom, COLIN JEX who has organised most of our current Zoom meetings, would be happy to give you a short tutorial if necessary. If you already know how to use Powerpoint or Keynote to give presentations it is fairly straightforward to make these into a Zoom presentation. You can also get online tutorials from ‘ZOOM US’, though they tend to be a bit over detailed.

A few words from our Chairman, Chris Wright:
"The new (post-pandemic) season of Grange & District Photographic Society should have started in January but it is with regret that the committee had to take the decision to postpone the start of the season for health and safety reasons due to the impracticalities regarding social distancing within groups of people and also uncertainties of Government guidelines. We were looking forward to an interesting season of talks from visiting speakers - practical sessions and competitions had been planned, and these will be rescheduled subject to the availability of speakers (see below). A more realistic start date to the new season is October 2021.
Members will receive further information when available, by group Email, and intending members and visitors will be able to obtain information via updates in 'Grange Now' and from our website
The following is the proposed programme commencing on Monday 4th October, 2021. Further changes may be made dependent on the pandemic situation, the availability of speakers and decisions made by the Management Committee. Notices whci affect the programme will appear here.

Speakers Accreditations are Listed Below the Programme

Welcome to our 2021-2022 session which begins on 4th October, 2021


October 2021

4th October David Poole: Hurtigruten " A Norwegian Coastal Voyage"
In the 1890s the Norwegian government supported the formation of a regular coastal steamship service to connect ports north of Bergen. This service now known as the Hurtigruten (Norwegian Coastal Voyage) visits over 30 coastal towns between Bergen in the south-west and Kirkenes near the Russian border. Originally a regular ferry service for freight and passengers, it is now a very popular 12-day pleasure cruise destination

11 October Jeremy Malley Smith: Scottish Wildlife
A talk about Scottish Wildlife including many tips, much humour, and plenty of photographs to enjoy.

18 October Stephen Cheatley : The Astro. Landscape
In this talk Stephen will discuss how he got into astronomy, and how he linked it with photography. He will look at many different types of astronomy & night photography, starting with star trails, before moving onto Moon & Sunscape’s and finishing with Milky Way landscapes and the planning of shoots.

25 October Brian White: 30yrs of travel and wildlife photography
30 Years of Travel & Wildlife photography’. Showing places, people, wildlife & bird images from around the world India, Sri Lanka, Africa, South America and UK.

November 2021

1 November Lee Kitchingman: Image Improvement Night
Following the success of last year’s camera group discussions, the camera groups* will get together again to discuss how best to take [ie settings, lenses, ideas] images for the Member’s Challenge topics - Stars, Leaf, Blackbird and Wine Glass – see later in the programme. Get to know other members and share hints and tips, but it only works if you BRING ALONG YOUR CAMERAS. Members and visitors welcome. Lee Kitchingman will facilitate the evening. * Nikon , Canon, Panasonic and Combined other makes.

8 November Julie Walker: Creative Photography using layers and textures
Julie will look at some basic Photoshop techniques used in making composite images. It will include practical demonstrations of making selections, using layers and masks, and applying textures, using some of her recent work as examples.

15 November Andy Lowe: Discovering a Landscape of Industry
The Lake District is well known for its Landscape Beauty, but this talk will reveal how the natural resources were used to sustain a variety of Crafts and Industries.

22 November Richard Speirs: Competition Night 1 Projected Digital Images [PDIs]
Categories: Open, Monochrome and Nature projected digital images [NO PRINTS]. 2 images per member per category [= 6 images max per member]. Nature qualifying entries should only be submitted in the Nature category. Entry deadline is Monday 08/11/2021 entries can be submitted on a pen drive or sent by e-mail to the Competitions Secretary.

30 November Lee & Bernadette Kitchingman: Falklands
A tour of the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic, covering its wildlife, flowers, scenery and history. Bernadette & Lee will be using images and video from their 5 visits to the Islands, covering different seasons of the year. They have spent 8 weeks travelling around the islands over 2 visits, as well as landing there from expedition vessels.

December 2021

6 December Colin Jarvis: An Evening with Colin Jarvis
Based in the North West of England Colin Jarvis has worked as a photographer and educator for many years. His work has been exhibited in London, Liverpool and Manchester and he is a skilled practitioner in both digital and large format film photography. Colin has lectured at Photographic Societies and taught Photography in both colleges and schools.



January 2022

10 January Colin Jex: Fell Walking in Mallorca
An exploration of olive groves, orange plantations and the mountain tracks of the central Sierra Tramontana from Port De Soller.

17 January Vernon Ross : 3 Years in the North
This presentation will feature a short photographic tour of England’s Border Counties

Double Bill Evening

24 January Alan Anderson: Ring of Fire
The Pacific “Ring of Fire” – a journey from Otaru, Japan to Petropavlovsk in the Kamchatka peninsula visiting, amongst other places of interest, the Kuril and Kommander Islands.

24 January Edward Quick: Photography by day or night
As a young photographer, my photos reveal my passion for capturing unique images. I love rugged and wild landscapes that are ever changing, by day and night.

31 January Graham Dean: Original Dabblings
Graham will tell us about his journey from slide photography to digital. Prints and projected images will be shown alongside each other. The journey starts in the mid-1990s and is continuing today.

February 2022

7 February Richard Spiers: Competition Night 2: PRINTS
Categories: Open Colour, Nature and Monochrome Prints [No PDIs]. 2 images per member per category.[= 6 images max]. Entries to be brought with a list of titles of the prints. Entries to be submitted no later than the 24/01/2022. Title + Competition Number only on the back. Max size including the mount 400mm x 500mm

14 February Ken Petch: Papua New Guinea
This is a photographic journey into Papua New Guinea, one of the final frontiers for world travel and is one of only a handful of places where there may still be tribes that have never had anycontact with the outside world. The highland tribes that Ken visited were only discovered in 1934 when Australian gold prospectors ventured into what was thought to be the uninhabited interior of the island.

21 February Phil Hodson: Coping with Nature
Phil will look at equipment, where and when to go, and how to photograph nature subjects, from tiny caterpillars to large mammals, in Britain. There will also be a few home studio ideas for when it rains!!!!!

28 February Ron Croy : Members Challenge:- Stars, Leaf, Blackbird and Wine Glass
Members Challenge2
There are 4 categories in this year's competition - Stars, Leaf, Blackbird and Wine Glass . Only 1 image per member per category is allowed [= 4 images max for this competition]. The subject must be the dominant feature in the entered images. Submissions for the competition to Ron no later than Friday, 25 January - entries by e-mail ( or by pen drive.

7 March Rob Bridson: Grange then and now
'Grange Then' was a photographic exhibition in 2001 celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Victoria Hall. This talk will show a range of images from Grange and district over the past 150 years. What is the same? What has changed?

14 March AGM, Prize Presentations and Social evening
'The AGM is to discuss the society’s status and this will be followed by the prize presentations and a chance to tell the committee of any ideas for the next season.

Speaker Accreditations

Lee Kitchingman EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE3*
Bernadette Kitchingman EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE3*
Richard Spiers DPAGB, APAGB, BPE2*
Colin Jarvis MA Photo, PGCE, ARPS
David Poole DPAGB