Find out here all you need to know about entering the society and local competitions. Check here for details of the rules and requirements for entering your images and prints.
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The Society holds 2 annual internal competitions. One for Digital Projected Images (DPI) and one for Printed Images. Such competitions may only be entered by fully paid up members of the Grange Photographic Society.

Internal Competition GPS Projected Digital Image Competition - 7th March 2016

  • This competition, postponed due to the bad weather in December of 2015 will now be held on Monday 7th March 2016.
  • Alan Walker will judge digital images submitted by members in our annual “Projected Digital Image Competition".
  • Entries already submitted will be carried forward. New or changed entries should be submitted by e-mail, or provided on disc or pen-drive by no later than the 22 February.
  • Digital entries should be submitted as JPEGs to a standard width of 1400 pixels x 1050 pixels high @ 72 dpi (or better) in Landscape Mode.
  • Please note if submitted in Portrait Mode, images should be a maximum of 1050 pixels high and must be made 1400 pixels wide using appropriate spacing on either side (ideally black or dark grey). Use Photoshop canvas size or other Photo Imaging software.
  • Up to four images can be entered in each of the two categories - NATURE and OPEN
  • Images can be in colour or monochrome.
  • Name your files as follows: Entry number (i.e. 1,2,3 or 4) – category – title.
  • So for example a first entry in the 'OPEN' section with the title “Winchester Cathedral” would be given the file name 1-open-Winchester Cathedral and a second entry in the nature section with the title “Song Thrush” would be given the file name 2-nature-Song Thrush.
  • Please do not put any details on the image itself. Please note that in the event of there being too many entries the Number 4 entry's may be eliminated. We are sorry that files which do not conform to the above may not be accepted.
  • Images conforming to the above specifications can be submitted by e-mail ( or on CD, memory card (SD, Compactflash) or USB pen at the meetings prior to 22 February.


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Cartmel Fell and Bowland Bridge Through The Seasons


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Internal Competitions 1


The Society holds 2 annual competitions. One for Digital Projected Images (DPI) and one for Printed Images. Such competitions may only be entered by fully paid up members of the Society. ...more