This section of the website is for posting short items about current photographic news (local, national and international) with links, where possible, to further information.
This is a new section for members to report any short items of news or any current items such as adverts or publications with a photographic theme, local exhibitions worth visiting, good photographic sites. All members are invited to send me their materials for publishing here.
1) Posted 21st October 2016 Awards for Photographic Merit Seminar
The L&CPU mentoring team is running an Awards for Photographic Merit Seminar (advisory day) and mock adjudication at Oldham PS on 4th December 2016 at 10 for 10:30 until about 4 pm. It is suitable for:
  • Candidates who are already being mentored and wish to try out their images in front of six LCPU/PAGB judges before committing to the "real thing".
  • Candidates who are sitting their real assessment with the the PAGB this autumn and want to try out images, at the next level up, in a mock adjudication.
  • Club members who are thinking about sitting the PAGB Awards soon but have not yet begun the process.

Note: You must have completed at least two years of entering your own club events before you can enter the PAGB Awards at the C level.
You may enter prints or PDIs for the mock adjudication, but not both; 10 for CPAGB; 15 for DPAGB; 20 for MPAGB. Your images can be assessed on the day even if you cannot attend in person. Registered candidates will be sent full information at the end of this month and images will have to be uploaded (for PDI and for print entry) via a link given in the email
You can find out all about the awards at Please read this information before registering for the seminar. Christine Widdall, Lecturers and Judges Secretary.
Please register with Christine at

2) Posted 11th October 2016 Subject: Walney Wader photo competition
We are putting on the first ever "Walney Wader Festival". It will take place on the
weekend of 5/6th November, at our South Walney Nature Reserve near
Barrow. The aim is to promote wading bird conservation to the public
with guided walks, bird watching and talks from experts.
On the Sunday we are running a wading photography competition, with a
pair of Opticron binoculars, worth £100, as the prize. Members of the Society are invited

3) Posted 29th September 2016L&CPU PDI Club Knockout competition
L&CPU PDI Club Knockout competition to be held on 19th November 2016. The venue for the evening will be the Albany Academy, Chorley. Judge for the night is: Mr. Peter Gennard MFIAP, EFIAP/p
This is a fun competition night with a serious side. The winning club and, author of the winning image will each receive a trophy.
Competition rules are on the L&CPUs website (L&CPU website...).
We hope your club will enter this and all the competitions and events we have planned for you in the coming months.
Look forward to seeing your club on the entry list.
Bob Robinson, L&CPU Competition Secretary

4) Posted 4th April 2016Free Nik Photoshop and Aperture Plug-Ins Link on the L&CPU site .
GOOGLE are offering a free download of their full range of NIK plug-ins for Apple and Windows operating systems. This might be of use to members of G&DPS. I have downloaded the software and it really is very good. I am using it with Aperture on a Mac, but I gather it works even better with Photoshop. I wish I had found this before entering the DPI competition! > Colin Jex